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Summer Sing 2018

AGM/Summer Sing/Summer Social 11th July 2018, LIttleton



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Alto, Bass Soprano and Tenor singers 

If you enjoy singing without much note bashing in rehearsals then we may be the choir for you. If you once played an instrument then your sight reading skills will be sufficient to read music in this choir. We only ask that you are keen to learn, practice a little at home, and join in as many as our events as possible during the year.

If you are interested in joining us but you are not sure, perhaps because you have not sung for a while or if  you are not sure this will be the  “right” choir for you, please contact the choir secretary by email:

Please note that we do audition new singers, but it is not as scary as you think!  Auditions are held for prospective members to ensure that all voices blend and that the voice parts of the choir balance to produce the quality of musical performance we can all be proud of.  Candidates are offered the opportunity of singing with the choir for a few weeks to find out for themselves if it is the “right” choir for them, socially as well as musically.  After a few weeks prospective members are invited to a short audition before Weds rehearsals of approximately ten minutes when the following qualities are assessed:

  • Range of voice, quality etc
  • Ability to blend voice
  • Ability to recognise by ear and sing specific notes
  • Sufficient sight reading skills for the music we are learning

Candidates are asked to prepare a short piece to sing, often something they have sung recently in another choir or a familiar hymn or carol to “showcase” their voice. They are asked to sing part of one of the pieces currently being rehearsed too. They are also asked which activities of the choir they would enjoy and support.