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WCFC invites prospective singers to rehearsals in September to find out for themselves is WCFC is the ‘right’ choir for them, socially as well as musically. Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bass singers with musical voices are always welcome, particularly at the start of the season in September when rehearsals begin for the January concert. Occasionally new members can join in February in order to sing in the May concert as vacancies in voice parts allow. Commitment to attend rehearsals as regularly as possible and to practice at home between rehearsals is anticipated for all choir members, new and current. The ready availability of rehearsal aids such as web sites and CDs offering voice parts makes learning new pieces of music so much easier for singers with limited musical experience but who are keen to learn.

Our voices need to blend and the SATB voice parts need to balance so we can produce the quality of musical performance we can all be proud of. After a few weeks singing with us, the Musical Director invites new members to a short (approximately ten minutes) voice assessment before one of the Weds rehearsals. He will check your range and suggest which voice part would be most suitable eg second Soprano, first Bass etc. You will also be asked to sing a song of your own choice or part of one of the pieces we have been rehearsing in the full choir.

Please contact: to find out more, arrange to join in a rehearsal, or arrange a voice assessment.

Throughout the year there are opportunities to sing a variety of music, particularly in the Summer Sing from May to July. We will have a new members evening in October which gives us all chance to socialise. The AGM is held early in July when food and music from the “Summer Sing” are enjoyed after the business of electing the new committee.

The choir relies on the energy of all its members to operate successfully and welcomes fresh talents from new members. Many members of the choir have over the years served on the committee or provided support by, for example, organising drinks & glasses, ordering music, editing the concert programme, advertising choir events, selling tickets and updating this website. Do join us!